Good News For Lazy Cancer Sufferers—EMS Fitness

Can you imagine getting three hours of exercise effect in 20 minutes? A new fitness craze is spreading from the US to China, known as EMS Fitness. EMS is still very new in China and not many Chinese have tried it. Below I will briefly introduce the future of the upcoming fitness exercise way.

EMS is a tool that physical therapists use to help people recover or rehabilitation from surgery. To make a muscle contract, the body must send electrical impulses from the brain to neurons in the muscle fibers. EMS basically mimics what your brain does in this situation: By placing pads of electrodes on different parts of the muscle, a small electrical pulse can be sent to the muscle, telling it to contract. EMS typically works by placing electrodes on various parts of the body, or groups of muscles, with sticky pads attached. You can also exercise in a vest with electrodes.
However, it’s not enough to simply wear clothes covered in electrodes and have them deliver electricity to the body. EMS training needs to be combined with full body exercise for best effevt.

Not all EMS equipment is 100% safe due to the possibility of electrical shock caused by wires or cables connected to EMS equipment. Therefore, during EMS training, a professional EMS trainer must be on the side for guidance.
In addition, EMS is not for everyone, people with pacemakers or defibrillators should not use EMS because it interferes with the device, and pregnant women and people with epilepsy should not try it.

While EMS training sounds fascinating, there are different opinions from the outside world, with some arguing that simply wearing an EMS suit and pressing a bunch of buttons has a different impact on the body than actual exercise. While EMS can temporarily strengthen, tone or tighten muscles to some extent, it does not lead to long-term health and fitness improvements, not to mention EMS is very expensive. A 45-minute course costs 800-1000 RMB in China, which is prohibitive for many people.

Even so, many people still consider EMS/EMA training to be more challenging and less time-consuming than regular training. Although it is much more expensive than other forms of exercise. But EMS and EMA workouts offer an alternative to regular strength training, an interesting option for those who don’t have a lot of time and aren’t afraid to wear futuristic clothing while working out.