Fitness Feast Of The Market

The year of 2020 is a very special year.There is a traditional saying in China about the year of Gengzi. Although there are some unscientific elements,this epidemic is still unexpected.

At the beginning of the year,the COVID-19 in China was very serious.It is inevitable to have a negative perceptions of the market trend in 2020.But since March 2020,DECATHLON(large sports goods store),their dumbbells were sold out.From this information,we can know that the fitness market could get unexpected changes!

As expected,the fitness market thus began a crazy countertrend growth,there is a tight market that hasn’t been seen in 20 years.According to Deloitte statistics,the overall fitness market has seen an 800% growth,which is very irregular in the context of the COVID-19 and the USA-China trade war.But that’s what’s really happening!

Due to the COVID-19, there are barriers to international connectivity, and the traditional way of trade connection is not effective at this time. The offline international exhibition, Canton Fair announced, the spring and autumn trade fairs will be held online. ISPO Monihei, Germany announced online, FIBO Cologne, Germany is currently on the sidelines. In this case, the market is still inexorable growth, growth…
Review the overall market , who are the biggest beneficiaries of this game: factories, traders, importers, brands, retailers, or e-commerce. According to Amazon CFO Brian Olsavsky, Amazon’s first-quarter sales soared 24%, the fastest growth in four years, and Amazon’s first-party market sales more than doubled compared to 2019. In the context of Amazon’s huge sales figures, such an increase is terrifying.

While the post-80s know how scary e-commerce is, they don’t realize it’s really, really crazy!

While the 2020 fitness market is so overwhelming that it feels like a dream right now, it’s mid-November, New Year’s Day is just a few months away, and 2021 is fast approaching. Like it or not, it’s right there looking at us and saying, “Come on, come on…” . There’s a lot of doubt, and certainly more fear, about 2021. What will the market look like in 2021? It will be like 2020? Hopefully it will be like 2020.

Under the new economic situation, the concept of double circulation is highlighted. The first troika —— export, investment, consumption. The domestic consumer market has become so important, looking back at the domestic market, intelligence, online celebrity, appearance level is so prominent, and the needs of foreign markets are so different, foreign markets tend to pay more attention to product quality, cost-effective, after-sales and so on. Under this demand, a new generation of fitness stars break out of their shells, and a new generation of fitness enterprises represented by Xiao Qiao, KEEP and Xiao Mo will stir up waves in the whole industry as spoilers.

Looking to the future,the development direction of fitness industry.I think there are three important points:
1.Beautiful appearance
The new generation of consumers, mainly represented by the post-80s generation, pay more attention to the appearance of products. Stylish and cool.
2.Product intellectualization
Now that rice fans have a home electronic device, they pull out their cell phones. It seems they need do nothing but eat. The so-called fitness, but more is the continuous overlay of data, as well as a variety of dynamic circle of friends, so there is no intelligent fitness equipment a bit like Nokia ——- we have done everything right, just…
In today’s China cities, housing prices are constantly rising, a 1W-10W + apartment, in this case, any square area of the house, we will be cautious. Because the value of the product is not 1000, but 10W+1000… But no one is going to buy a bed or a sofa using this calculation…….

Broadly speaking, for the whole manufacturing industry, the new pattern of manufacturing for 2020+ is product customization and flexible production, which will bring great changes to the whole industry. The scale effect,marginal effect of textbooks will have a huge impact.