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This is Multi-functional sit-up board from Nantong Ironmaster.  We have been specializing in sporting goods since 1996 and we have rich experience in this field.

This is a multi-functional sit-up board, and its design conforms to ergonomics and mechanical structure. The streamlined design is beautiful and easy to use. The product is designed according to the characteristics of human body fat burning. After more than 20 minutes of easy exercise, it can achieve the purpose of fat burning and easy body shaping.

The multi-functional board is composed of two parts as a whole, one is a soft cushion, and the other is an elastic board with flexibility.

The first part is the seat cushion. The cushion is 42 cm long and 29 cm wide. It is made of thick sponge, which is very soft, comfortable and durable. The underside of the cushion is high-strength cold-rolled steel, no matter if you are sitting or kneeling on it during exercise, it can fully bear you. At the same time, in order to ensure the stability during exercise, the high-grade rubber anti-skid foot pads under the steel will not damage the floor and give you a better exercise experience.

The second is the elastic board. The elastic board is made of PVC impact resistant plastic. The thickened flexible elastic board can effectively assist the human body to move and is not easy to break. When the elastic board is in a relaxed state, the length of the bottom straight line distance is 50 cm and the height is 30 cm. There is a curved PU cushion on the top of the elastic board, which is precisely sewn and the inner core is made of high-quality pearl cotton. It not only supports and protects the back during exercise, but also massages the back and helps relieve fatigue. The two ends of the elastic board are connected by 3 high-strength tension ropes, which are made of natural latex material, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. After continuous high-strength expansion and contraction tests for 20,000 times, it is firm and anti-breaking. The one-piece buckle is more durable and not easy to fall off, ensuring safety during exercise. Each corner below has a double wheel design, which is smooth and smooth when sliding to ensure stability during exercise and enhance weight bearing.

The multi-functional sit-up board combines body shaping, aerobic exercise, stretching exercise, relaxation and fatigue, and massage functions to achieve five-effect integration. Guided by the multi-functional sit-up board, you can exercise the correct force without hurting the body, and double the exercise effect.

There are many ways to use the multi-function board. The four methods of use are briefly introduced below. The whole exercise is aerobic exercise, which efficiently exercises the waist, abdomen, buttocks, and leg muscles to help you, burn calories and reshape your curve.

The first type, push-ups:

Place your legs on the cushion, straighten your toes, and place your abdomen on the elastic board. The elastic board will not make your abdomen uncomfortable because of the cushion. Open your hands left and right, shoulder-width or slightly wider, straighten your hands, hold your palms on the ground, keep your body straight, keep your abdomen tense, open your legs or close your legs together, keep your toes on the ground, keep your head and hips at three points , Ankles are in a line. Inhale, then slowly lower your body, bend your elbows with your hands, keep your abdomen tense, not collapse your waist until your chest is close to the ground, hold for two seconds, then quickly straighten your arms back to the starting state, exhale and tighten then do the next one. The resistance of the elastic board will increase the effect of push-ups. The muscle group for this exercise is mainly the triceps, but also exercises the deltoid anterior bundle, serratus anterior and coracobrachialis and other parts of the body. The main function of doing push-ups is to develop the strength of the upper limbs and abdominal muscles, which plays an important role in the development of balance and support. At the same time, it can increase blood circulation, increase lung capacity, promote growth and development, and improve athletic ability.

The second type: sit-ups:

Put your hips on the cushion, curl your legs, lay your feet on the ground, leaning your back against the cushions on the elastic board, put your hands on both sides of the ears behind your head, and then apply strength to your waist to let your head and upper body slowly leave the cushion. Then bring your upper body closer to your knees, keeping your head straight, and your head shouldn’t be too far forward. After that, slowly use the strength of your waist to lean your upper body back. The pressure resistance you give to the elastic plate will also become the rebound boost of the elastic plate. Sit-ups cannot only shape the back curve, but also strengthen and strengthen the abdominal muscles. It can also stretch the back muscles, ligaments and spine, and can adjust the central nervous system by stretching the spine, which can effectively alleviate the lack of movement or errors in the lower back. The soreness caused by sitting and walking habits reduces the pressure on the back and improves the body’s disease resistance.

The third type: sideways exercise

Lie sideways on the multi-functional board, place your upper body on the elastic board, curl your legs and place your lower body on the cushion. The lower hand supports the cushion and the upper hand is akimbo for stability. Combine the upper body’s strength and press down on the elastic board. Do not use the knee as the axis during exercise, and keep the exercise axis above the pelvis. After several sets of exercises, you can repeat the above actions in one direction. With the help of the sideways movement of the multi-functional board, it is easier to exercise the abdominal muscles and shape a sexy body.

The fourth type, kneeling exercise:

Place your knees on the cushion in a kneeling position, with your toes on the ground, and place your forearms on the cushion as a support point. The back and hips are a horizontal line, and your upper back should not be overly arched. Combine the strength of the upper body, use the waist to exert force, the forearm is the support point, and the elastic board is pressed down. The pressure resistance to the elastic board during exercise will also become the rebound boost of the elastic board. Kneeling exercises work together with the back, abdomen, waist and arms to exercise the waist, abdomen, hips, legs, and arms from multiple angles and omni-directional exercises, sculpting every inch of the body curve, not only can shape the curve of the arm, but also tighten Abdominal muscles, training peach buttocks.

This is a multi-functional board that integrates sit-ups, abdomen machines, waist twisters, push-ups, leg beautifiers, and back massagers. It can meet the fitness needs of different people. Whether you are an obese patient, a fitness enthusiast, a fitness person or a white-collar worker who sits in the office for a long time, there is always a function for you. In addition, the multi-functional board product is small in size, light in weight, and does not occupy space. It is convenient to carry and store and it can be used at home and travel. No skill required, quick experience and easy to use.