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This is Three in one trainer From Nantong Ironmaster.  We have been specializing in sporting goods since 1996 and we have rich experience in this field.


This is three-in-one multi-functional small fitness equipment, which combines abdomen wheel, push-up stand, and swing arm trainer into one. It is stylish, compact and easy to install. It is suitable for abdominal exercises, push-ups, arm exercises, and also helps to exercise the muscles of the whole body. It eliminates the need to purchase more equipment for comprehensive sports, saving time, effort and space.


The set of products includes 2 abdominal wheels, 2 brake plates, 2 suction cups, and 2 cushions.

The product has high-density and high-quality foam handle with a comfortable grip, moisture resistance and sweat absorption, and good anti-slip performance.

The thickened alloy steel pipe on the inner layer of the handle has an effective load-bearing capacity of up to 600 kg, a 90% increase in stability and a 50% increase in load-bearing performance, making the abdominal wheel more stable and safe.

The side of the push-up support has a double scientific triangle structure, which makes the stress point more stable and safe, and prevents uneven force during sliding.

The suction cup at the bottom of the brake pad is detachable and can adapt to various grounds, so that it can be firmly sucked to make the exercise more stable and safe.

How to use the brake plate: When the abdomen wheel is pushed forward, fix the chassis on the front ground. When the abdomen wheel reaches the chassis, it will automatically brake and stop pushing forward to avoid excessive pushing forward and cause injury.

When the product is used as an abdomen wheel, the triangle structure has strong support and does not worry about rollover: 10 minutes of training a day will give you attractive abdominal muscles and curves.

When working as a push-up stand, it avoids joint compression caused by the palms directly pressing the ground. The push-up stand can lower the body and make the chest muscles fully stretched. Tighten the screws before exercise to make the exercise more stable.

When exercising as a swinging arm, bend your arm and swing it to help your arm plasticity.