Nantong Ironmaster Adsorption Type Sit-Up Aid Manufacturer

This is a new type of absorptive sit-up aid, which is a more professional yoga aid. It allows you to stay at home, keep fit, burn fat quickly, say goodbye to your big belly, and develop a small waist.

The absorbent sit-up aid has a total length of 27 cm, an adjustable height range of 18.5 to 21 cm, a chassis diameter of 12 cm, and a total weight of about 1.6 pounds. The exquisite and compact shape, whether at home or out, can be easily carried, and does not need to be installed, the operation is simple, let you practice as you want.

The increased high-density and comfortable foam of the adsorption sit-up aid can better cushion the instep force during exercise, reduce unnecessary exercise friction, and better care for your feet. High-quality environmentally friendly materials, strong resilience, comfortable to use and no odor.

There are 3 heights to choose from, the first height is 21 cm, the second height is 19 cm, and the third height is 17 cm. You can adjust the height to suit your own height. At the same time, different heights are also suitable for different intensities of exercise.

The high-quality natural rubber suction cup with a diameter of 12.5 cm has been upgraded from the original circular chassis to the current octagonal chassis. The suction is stronger and the safety is extremely high. It is suitable for various smooth floors. The switch of the ground suction cup can be easily absorbed by one button by pressing the handle firmly. The operation is simple; the suction is stable and no longer loose. When the switch is vertical, it is in the open state, and when it is horizontal, it is in the adsorption state.

(1) This product is only suitable for smooth surfaces, such as floors, floor tiles, etc.;
(2) After wiping the surface with a damp cloth, the suction can be further enhanced;
(3) It is not suitable for surface bumpy texture or cracked wood board cement floor.

(1) Sit-ups
Lie flat on a yoga mat, with your legs bent, and your feet under the sit-up aid. Cross your hands and fingers behind your head. Use the power of your abdominal muscles to drive your upper body upwards while exhaling. Until the upper body and thighs are V-shaped. Stay at the top for a while, and then slowly return to the starting position while breathing in. Repeat the action. This action can reduce abdominal muscle cellulite and effectively exercise a small waist.

(2) Plank exercise
Place your feet above the sit-up aid, with your shoulders, waist, and ankle joints in the same straight line, your forearms perpendicular to the ground, and your neck naturally relaxed for one minute. This action can make the arms, calves and abdominal muscles firmer.

(3) Lumbar support exercise
Lie on your side on the yoga mat, bend your lower arm, use your forearms to support your body, place your legs close together and straight on the sit-up aid, keep your waist straight, and keep your body in a straight line. Hold for one minute, and then repeat the above action on the other side.
This action can exercise the forearm, abdomen and waist muscles.

There are many other uses of sit-up aids, waiting for you to unlock them one by one.