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This is Balance Series from Nantong Ironmaster.  We have been specializing in sporting goods since 1996 and we have rich experience in this field.

Do you want to start exercising anytime, anywhere in your free time? Can you exercise wherever you want to go? Then you might as well try a rope puller. This rope puller is suitable for a variety of venues, whether it is outdoors, in a hotel or in your own living room, you can exercise effectively anywhere. It can be installed on walls, floors or glass, and can be used almost anywhere during the journey. The only requirement is smooth surfaces. There shouldn’t be any cracks on the surface. Ceramic tiles or glass is fine. The surfaces should not be too thin or too easy to break.

This rope puller is not limited to a fixed place, nor is it limited to exercise a certain muscle group. It is also a great choice to use these rope pullers for rowing, pulling, lifting and exercise equipment to exercise arms, back, buttocks, legs, chest and abdomen. Rope puller can replace gantry, dumbbell, rowing machine, resistance band, kettlebell and other products.

First, briefly introduce the overall structure of the rope puller. The rope puller is made of ABS material as a whole. The nylon core-spun rope is about 1.9 meters long. The bottom of the rope puller is a fixed suction cup, which adopts the vacuum principle to firmly adsorb it on the installation surface, avoiding the possibility of shaking. Easy to install and easy to disassemble, 4 seconds for installation and 3 seconds for disassembly. On the top is a suction pump, which is pressed and sucked to make the chassis stronger. Further up is a 360-degree connection point between the chassis and the tension belt. The 360-degree rotatable design can meet any posture and direction of exercise. The yellow rotary button at the top is the resistance adjustment button. It has 3 resistance levels, 2.5kg, 5kg and 7.5kg. The adjustment of resistance is simple and convenient. Due to the three different resistance levels, this tensioner can immediately adapt to you. The fitness level can be customized for all exercises. Whether it is strength training or pure texture, all body types can be trained through different training methods. It should be noted that the resistance level setting of the fitness pull rope cannot be set in use; otherwise the equipment may be damaged. Finally, there is a non-slip handle, which is comfortable to hold and durable. The connection between the non-slip handle and the shell is an integrated sealing buckle, which makes the movement more secure.

Installation Method:

Use one hand to press the fixed suction cup on the floor/glass/tile, and then use the other hand to push the suction pump in until you can’t see the white color. You need to check whether the installation is secure before use.

It should be noted that suction cup fixing conditions: smooth floor, the floor must not have any cracks. The fixing surface of the suction cup should not be too thin or fragile. The white part indicates the cup is not sealed to the surface firmly yet.

Disassembly method:

On the other side of the cylinder, there is a rubber “T”button. Press the left and right sides of the “T”button inward to reduce the air pressure of the chassis.

It should be noted that if you remove product, hold the product with your hands to prevent the product from failing and hurting people.

There are many ways to use the tensioner, the following is a brief introduction to several more common and best effective methods:

If you want to exercise your shoulders, you can do front raises /lateral raises/rear delt raises exercises.

If you want to exercise the triceps, you can do the exercises of kick back /overhead extension/push down.

If you want to exercise your chest, you can do low cross over / middle cross over /high cross over.