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This is Retractable Yoga Roller from Nantong Ironmaster. We have been specializing in sporting goods since 1996 and we have rich experience in this field.

This is a multi-purpose yoga roller. The biggest difference from the previous yoga roller is that the yoga roller is retractable, and the retracted length is one-third of the length of the traditional yoga roller. It solves the disadvantages of traditional yoga roller that are heavy and occupying volume. The current yoga roller is easy to carry, regardless of the occasion, and you can take it and practice anytime, anywhere.

This yoga roller is retractable and foldable, and can be retracted freely. It can be easily adjusted in one second with just a light push. In the unfolded state, the height of the yoga roller is 35 cm and the diameter is 13.8 cm. In the compressed state, the height is only 13.3 cm, which is the same size as the ipone11. Not only that, the mass of this yoga roller is less than 2 pounds. It is small and light, and can fit in a small hand bag, allowing you to enjoy professional massage anytime, anywhere.

The yoga roller delivered by the simple and stylish macaron can visually evoke our good mood. The ABS material is more environmentally friendly, has a stronger load-bearing capacity, is environmentally friendly, durable, easy to clean, and has no odor. Unfolding the yoga roller, the three-dimensional structure of the floating point, the pain of the micro-elastic contact makes the massage just right. After extensive use of this yoga roller, it can maintain its shape instead of degrading over time.

This yoga roller can eliminate muscle tension, strengthen core muscle strength and flexibility, so as to achieve the balance of exercise. It is indispensable equipment in modern yoga practice. The yoga roller cannot only extend muscles and tendons; it can also break up soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue. We can use our own strength and the cylindrical yoga roller to massage and release the myofascial, break the trigger point, relieve the tension of the fascia, and increase blood flow and soft tissue circulation.


Massage method:
Ankle massage method:
Place the yoga roller on the ankles, swing both ankles left and right, let the massage points touch the ankles in a wider range, dredge the meridians and increase blood circulation.

Calf massage method:
Hold the palms on the ground, place the yoga roller under the calves, roll back and forth, stay at the painful position, and roll slowly for a while.

Massage the front side of the thigh:
Keep your elbows on the ground, place the yoga roller under your thighs, roll back and forth, and stay where you feel the pain, and roll slowly for a while.

Massage method of the back of the calf:
Hold the palms on the ground, place the yoga roller under the calves, roll back and forth, stay at the painful position, and roll slowly for a while.

Lumbar extension:
Place a yoga roller with a certain degree of support and softness on your back, and then tilt your head back. Slide your hands from the side of your body to the top of your head, thus opening your chest. The feet are the same width as the shoulders, raise the hips, and keep pushing the legs to retract the legs, allowing the upper back to roll back and forth on the yoga roller to strengthen the core exercises. The formation of abdominal lines is very helpful for our entire muscle group exercise.

Lower back relaxation:
Lie on your back with your legs apart and shoulder-width apart, place the yoga roller on your waist, slightly lift your hips, and roll the yoga roller back and forth to relax your waist.