China Ironmaster Circular Massage Producer

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This is Circular Massage from Nantong Ironmaster.  We have been specializing in sporting goods since 1996 and we have rich experience in this field.

This is a circular massager, whether you have calf soreness, arm soreness or neck pain, this massager can easily solve for you. Give the muscles a deep SPA, press a button, and relax.

The 360-degree wrap-around design of the massager can massage and shape without dead ends, which can evenly stress the massage area, relieve muscle soreness and relieve exercise fatigue. The elastic PP flexible environmental protection material is not easy to break when pulled, so that the width of the massager can be adjusted to meet the massage needs of different parts. The maximum massage leg circumference reaches 60 cm.

The curved concave-convex non-slip grip design conforms to the human body curve, fits the fingers better, increases the grip, and is comfortable and does not fall off during massage.

Both sides of the ring massager are equipped with rollers that can be flexibly rotated. It is made of high quality skin friendly silicone material. The concave and convex 3D massage floating points are evenly arranged and rolled, giving a finger-like massage experience, which can better take care of the corners of the muscles partially; it breaks the adhesion of deep muscles and effectively relieves pain. 4 independent massage balls, do not affect each other, roll flexibly without meat. According to the ergonomic design, no matter the arms, buttocks or legs, everything can be massaged well.

Arm massage can relieve muscle pain; calf massage, bid farewell to muscles and legs; neck massage, relieve shoulder and neck pain.
During the massage, adjust the angle and strength according to the state of the muscles, not only the parts to be massaged is deeper, but the effect of the stovepipe massage will be better.