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This is Weighted jump rope from Nantong Ironmaster.  We have been specializing in sporting goods since 1996 and we have rich experience in this field.

Rope skipping is an aerobic exercise suitable for most people, with outstanding consumption and the best choice for burning fat. This type of skipping rope is a double-weight silicone skipping rope with strong versatility and stable structure. It can be easily used by beginners or skippers.

There are 2 colors of this weight-bearing skipping rope, pink and blue, the difference between them is the color of the handle.

The inner layer of this weight-bearing skipping rope handle is made of new PP granular material, which is strong and odorless. The outer layer of the handle is made of a new type of silicone material, which is comfortable to grip and not sticky, and is breathable and moisture-repellent. The ergonomic streamlined handle design makes it easier to hold for a long time without getting tired. The non-slip groove texture design enhances the feel and prevents it from falling off during use. The round cover at the end of the handle can be rotated and twisted down, freely disassembled and assembled according to requirements, and load fast. The handle weighs about 0.35 pounds, and each load block weighs about 0.95 pounds. Make each swing more powerful and consume more calories, thus achieving a multiplier effect.

The high-quality thick rope is about 3 meters long, 6.3 mm in diameter, and weighs 0.28 pounds. It is suitable for heights under 1.9 meters. The heavier and thicker solid rope body is made of PVC, which is more wear-resistant and adapts to various rough ground. The PVC material is moderately soft and hard, and it will not be too painful if you accidentally hit the body. It is suitable for most basic daily training. The built-in buckle can adjust the length according to your height.


Rope length can be adjusted according to your own needs, adjustment steps:

(1) Turn counterclockwise to open the small cover at the bottom of the handle;

(2) Remove the internal load-bearing block;

(3) Pull the rope and buckle out of the handle;

(4) Move the buckle to a suitable position and close the buckle;

(5) Fasten the buckle again and put it back into the handle.

The correct posture of skipping rope:
Keep your body upright naturally, with your feet apart, your forearms naturally drooping, your palms facing each other, your wrists swinging the rope, your toes point the ground, and your movements should be as light and elastic as possible.