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This is Double Bearing Steel Wire Skipping Rope from Nantong Ironmaster.  We have been specializing in sporting goods since 1996 and we have rich experience in this field.

Rope skipping is an aerobic exercise suitable for most people, with outstanding consumption and the best choice for burning fat. This skipping rope is a double-bearing self-locking steel wire skipping rope. With strong versatility and stable structure, it can be easily used by beginners or skipping masters.

Most of the handles of skipping rope on the market are made of plastic, metal or silicone, and this one is made of hand glue, which is generally used in badminton. Therefore, the skipping rope has a better grip and is more non-slip and breathable. After being squeezed by force, the handle can quickly return to its original shape and is not easily deformed. This rope skipping handle adopts an ergonomic design, and the handle fits the fingers better, making it easier to hold for a long time without getting tired. The non-slip groove texture design enhances the feel and prevents it from falling off during use. There are two colors to choose from, pink and black.

The inner layer of the rope is made of new stainless steel wire, which is not easy to curl, strong and not easy to break. The outer layer is made of new PVC material soft rubber, wear-resistant, durable, flexible, stable and not floating, and has no peculiar smell. The rope will not be damaged whether it is moving on the rough ground such as concrete or oil road.

The biggest highlight of the skipping rope is the bearing part above the handle, which breaks the traditional rope locking method and enables the rope to be locked in one step. The double-bearing design of the chuck bearing and the handle bearing makes the skipping rope not knotted and at the same time not interfering with the rotation of the handle, making the skipping rope movement more smooth.

Rope length can be adjusted according to your own needs, adjustment steps:

(1) Press the lock ring, the rope body can move;

(2) If the loosen lock is broken, it will be automatically locked;

Use a vise to subtract the extra part of the rope beyond the bottom of the handle