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This is Balance Series from Nantong Ironmaster.  We have been specializing in sporting goods since 1996 and we have rich experience in this field.

As we all know, sitting for a long time has many hazards, not only the waist is damaged, the shoulder is sore, the neck is tense, and the gluteal muscles are loose, but the brain will also become chaotic, which leads to lower work efficiency and poorer body functions. The idea of dynamic balance came into being. The balance board plays a pivotal role in this concept. The new model of stand-sit alternation created by the balance board is really suitable for the modern office crowd, allowing people to freely and seamlessly connect between standing and sitting.

When a person stands on a dynamic balance board, the person’s core muscles and pituitary gland are constantly adjusting the dynamic balance, subconsciously exercise the waist and abdomen, leg core muscles, the balance and coordination of the body are exercised, invisibly. Let the user stay in a state of exercise, gradually get rid of sedentary, adapt to long-term healthy standing, so as to have plenty of work energy, so as to better provide work efficiency.

The balance board is 68.5 cm long, 31 cm long and 9.5 cm high. The surface of the balance board is made of thick non-slip TPU material, and the geometric pattern of the concave-convex design makes the non-slip performance better, and it is more wear-resistant, durable and safer. The four corners of the back of the balance board are equipped with balance aids, which can control the swing amplitude and achieve a proper balance angle, which can make the movement safer. There is also a hidden bracket with a unique handle design on the back of the balance board, which can easily achieve 40-degree support. The ergonomic inclination angle fits the soles of the feet and supports the pressure of the calves, thereby relaxing muscles and promoting blood circulation.

The balance board can meet the needs of standing office and sitting office. In addition, the following are different postures for exercising balance: