Nantong Ironmaster Yellow AB Wheel Producer

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This is Yellow AB Wheel from Nantong Ironmaster. We have been specializing in sporting goods since 1996 and we have rich experience in this field.

This is a dual-mode silent abdominal wheel. The design is simple and the appearance is beautiful, it can be used to exercise the fat on the abdomen, waist buttocks, arms and other parts, especially to shape the vest line and exercise the rectus abdominis.

This abdomen wheel has a two-wheel configuration. By changing the assembly direction of the two wheels, the wheelbase can be adjusted to normal mode and advanced mode. The normal mode has a wide distance between the two wheels, about 6.5 cm, suitable for beginners. The advanced mode is a narrow distance between the two wheels, about 5 cm, suitable for advanced athletes.

The tread of the abdomen wheel is made of TPR material, which is shock-absorbing and non-slip, there is no sound during exercise, and it will not harm the floor. The handle is covered with 3D anti-slip lines, which are comfortable, non-slip and wear-resistant, and avoid sliding when sweating. The thickened steel pipe made of stainless steel has solid materials and strong bearing capacity. The handle is detachable, no matter it is placed in a drawer, desk or bag, it will not take up much space.

Installation Notes:

(1) Insert one of the handles into the main steel tube of the abdominal wheel in the direction of the arrow;
(2) Insert the other handle into the main steel tube of the abdominal wheel in the direction of the arrow;
(3) Squeeze the yellow part of the handle firmly, push the steel pipe into the handle, and rotate the handle to the tightest part;
(4) Insert the other handle, and complete the installation after the two wheels are clamped in between.

How to use the abdomen wheel?

  1. Hold the abdomen wheel with both hands and kneel on the ground.
  2. Starting posture: Put the abdomen wheel on the ground in front of you; make sure you can lie on the ground (also keep a kneeling posture).
  3. Slowly roll the abdominal wheel forward to stretch the body to a horizontal position. Tip: Keep your body as close to the ground as possible but don’t touch the ground. Inhale in the process.
  4. Pause for one second when you stretch your body, then pull the abdominal muscle wheel back to the starting position, and exhale during this process.

Tip: Make sure to move slowly and always keep your abdominal muscles strong.

Note: This set of exercises is not suitable for people with lower back problems and people with a prominent lumbar disc.